Pear Williams

Williams pear, known as Bartlett pear in North America, is well-known worldwide and was first discovered in England in 1756 by a teacher named Mr. Stair. It is perfect for eating fresh, but it is also the main variety used in process manufacturing of fruit juices, fruit salads and alcoholic beverages – Williams brandy. Williams pear is a late summer variety with a nice proportional shape (classic pear shape). It has no copper coating and is very juicy when fully ripe. It tastes great because it contains a lot of sugar and a lot of fine acid.


  • Medium large to large in size (160g – 210g – 260g)
  • It has a proportional shape. The skin of the fruit is thin, green in color and turns yellow when the fruit is ripe.
  • Sweet taste, mid conspicuous aroma and gentle scent
  • Juicy flesh, completely soluble. Sweet-sour, harmonious and full of flavor with a rather pronounced aroma and smell.


  • Perfect for eating fresh


  • From August to February



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