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Wheat originates from the Levant and the Middle East. It was created by the selection of wild grasses that produced seeds with certain characteristics.

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Agriculture in the modern age goes far beyond plowing, throwing seeds, and irrigating fields. It is a complex process of growing cultivated plants. A set of different knowledge is necessary in order to achieve the highest possible yield.

Agriculture includes vegetable growing, as well as the production of fodder crops, industrial plants, and grain.

Soil cultivation is mainly carried out according to soil type, composition, cultivated culture, and individual varieties. The goals of processing are: improvement of the physical, biological, and chemical condition; creation of water-air conditions favorable for the given culture; introduction of fertilizers; destruction of plant cover, weeds, and pests; creation of anthropogenic soil.

Basic soil cultivation involves preparing the soil to a certain depth so that it is favorable for the germination and sprouting of the cultivated plant and, after that, for the development of the root system. Good preparation and maintenance of arable fields directly affect the yield of sensitive wheat, corn, and soybean crops.

Basic processing techniques are plowing, ridging, loosening, and special processing methods for land development.

Additional processing includes crushing, spreading, and leveling of the surface layer. In this way, thermal and water-air properties are improved, evaporation is reduced, and the biological maturation of the soil is enhanced through additional fertilization and the destruction of pests and weeds.

Additional processing can be performed immediately after the basic processing or before sowing.





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