Nusery Production

Frueko Nursery started producing trees in 1995. Thanks to our modern technology and regular quality control, we have produced millions of apple and pear trees.

Frueko guarantees tree quality, with virus-free and certified planting material grown in the best conditions. If you want a healthy and fruitful apple or pear tree on your property, you will find the right trees with us. If you are not sure which variety is suitable for you, we will help you choose.

We developed long-term cooperation with professional fruit producers. More than 60% of our business is directed abroad. We can respond to the demands of both small producers and large plantations through our offer of different varieties and high-quality trees.

If you are interested in our production program and the method of ordering and delivering trees, feel free to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible with an offer of trees and the type of cooperation that suits you best.

Frueko Ltd produces and sells the most modern varieties of apples and pears.

Apple trees

One-year-old trees

We produce two types of apple trees: one-year-old and two-year-old trees. Apple trees are planted using the M9 T337 rootstock. M9 T337 is a virus-free clone of the M9 rootstock. We are selling our plants to well-known customers and the sale is contracted in advance, therefore reservation of the trees and advance payment is necessary. One-year-old trees production includes:

  • grafting is done during winter,
  • planting is done in March,
  • drop by drop fertigation through irrigation,
  • monitored tree growth during production,
  • treatments to encourage branching,
  • staking trees to keep them upright,
  • stopping growth in September,
  • ready for delivery in December,
  • a full yield of apples can be expected in the orchard’s fourth year.

For a successful production of the trees that we sell throughout Europe and Russia, terrain position and soil characteristics of the nursery are crucial. Trees production takes place in soil with adequate microbiological and chemical composition.

After removing the trees from the plot, we pack them carefully so we don’t damage the thoroughly grown branches. Depending on the assortment, 10 000-13 000 trees can be packed in the delivery truck.

Two-year-old trees

Two-year-old tree production begins with grafting in the winter of the first production year. Planting, as with one-year-old trees, is done in March. In the winter of the second production year trees are removed from the nursery. By planting two-year-old trees in the orchard, a full yield can be expected in the fourth year of production. Around 8 000 two-year-old trees can fit in a delivery truck since they have larger plant mass than one-year-old trees.

Pear trees

Frueko Ltd produces two-year-old pear trees. We are able to respond to all customer requests regarding the assortment of pears. Pear trees are produced on BA29, Adams and Sydo rootstocks. Two-year-old pear tree production is the same as two-year-old apple tree production. They are grafted during the winter of the first production year, and planted during spring. In the winter of the second production year they are removed from the nursery and packed for delivery. Depending on the production technology, a full yield can be expected in the orchard’s fourth or fifth year.

With over 35 years of experience in pear production we are ready to share knowledge with our customers. We will be pleased to pass on our knowledge regarding assortment selection, planting schedule, and appropriate production technology to our customers and future pear producers.





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