Pear Abate Fetel

Abate Fetel is the Queen of pears, and it is present in about 30% of our production. It is a late autumn French variety that was first bred by the monk Fetel around 1866 and introduced by the fruit grower Jacquier from Montplaisiara at the fruit growers meeting in Lyonin 1876. It is ready for harvesting about 30 days after Williams pear.


  • Large to extra-large fruit size (180g – 250g – 320g).
  • Specific very elongated pear-shaped, yellowish green, medium thin and firm skin with prominent lenticels and with a coating of copper color that covers a certain part of the fruit.
  • It has a sweet taste with a mild aroma and a gentle scent.
  • The flesh is yellowish-white with a fine texture.


  • Eating fresh and salads


  • From September to April



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