Late Apples: What Are the Best Varieties?

jabuke na grani sa zelenim lišćem

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about late plantings. Winter seedlings or late apples are those varieties that survive in the colder months. These varieties can withstand extremely low temperatures and severe frosts thanks to increased winter resistance. Due to this exceptional endurance, some varieties of late apples can survive […]

History of Fruit Production

crvene jabuke u voćnjaku

Production Fruit production can be a challenging task. As it requires a lot of investment, time, and patience, this is not a job for everyone. If you do decide to engage in fruit production, you will have something to look forward to. The fruits of this hard work will reward all your efforts. Once apples, […]

Medicinal and Nutritional Properties of Walnuts

Walnut is a very old species. As it is supposed, it was originally created as a wild walnut that grew in the forests of Asia, and then spread across the Mediterranean across the whole world. It turned out that the properties of walnuts are of great use because they can be used in food, in […]

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