With over 25 years long tradition in fruit and wine growing FRUEKO DOO Company is a leader in fruit growing in Serbia and the region. Our orchards are all planted according to the highest world standards and an integral concept in fruit production which means using:

  • Anti-hail netting
  • Drop by drop irrigation
  • Selection of fruit sorts and varieties adapted to local conditions and naturally pest and disease tolerant or resistant
  • Virus-free and certified plant material
  • Applying chemical protection integral concept and other measures

In 1988, our wish and idea to start own fruit production was realized with planting the first peach trees and vineyard in the Lazic family household.

In 1996, the first apple trees were planted on 10 ha of land and till 2001 the apple trees surface area was doubled.

The milestone in development and management of our company was in 2006. That year we planted the first pear and walnut orchards on 30 ha of land. We succeeded very quickly to build a modern ULO cold storage with capacity of 3500 tones with the optical equipment for calibration, sorting and packaging.

In 2007, we continue to enlarge apple trees land in village Kukujevci.

In 2011, FRUEKO Company was founded and till today it successfully continues to develop and improve fruit production heritage of Agricultural economy P.S.P. Slobodan Lazić

In 2014, investment in apple production continued with modern orchard planting in an attractive location in village Gibarac.

In 2016, we plant a new apricot and walnut orchard on 14 hectares. This year is significant as an investment production year in our company because the pear trees land is enlarged for 70 ha.